1. The Invitation
    Mike Pride & Jonathan Moritz

    KALA$HNIKOV (Jamie Saft & Mike Pride)

  3. Foreman's Mustache
    BUNDA LOVE (Mike Pride & id m theft able)

  4. glockenspiel, october

  5. marimba, july

  6. drums, august

  7. The Short and Long Tones 2 & 3
    Mike Pride w/ Jessica Pavone, Jackson Moore, Chris Forsyth, Don Pride & id m theft able

    PULVERIZE THE SOUND (Peter Evans, Tim Dahl & Mike Pride)

  9. 2
    PERIOD (Charlie Looker, Mike Pride, Chuck Bettis, Darius Jones & Sam Hillmer)

  10. Birthing Days
    Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys (w/ Jon Irabagon, Alexis Marcelo & Peter Bitenc)

  11. Drummer's Corpse
    Mike Pride w/ Chris Welcome, Eivind Opsvik, Tyshawn Sorey, Ches Smith, Bobby Previte, Fritz Welch +

  12. Inbetweenwhile
    Mike Pride's From Bacteria To Boys (w/ Darius Jones, Alexis Marcelo & Peter Bitenc)

  13. Fusion Era
    Dynamite Club

  14. Delancey
    Ned Muffleburger Band

  15. A Mountain Is A Mammal
    Marcos Fernandes & Mike Pride

  16. Morthana with Pride
    Andrew d'Angelo Trio

  17. Magnus Dominus Corpus
    MDC (Millions Of Dead Cops)

  18. New York City Ultra Underground Pop Star
    Punkappella (Dusan Hedl, Bojan Tomazic, Mike Pride, Jessica Pavone & Rick Klaus Theis)

  19. Listening Party (solo)

  20. Dripping Ancience
    Mick Barr & Mike Pride

  21. The Exterminating Angel
    Kirk Knuffke & Mike Pride

  22. Bang Bang
    KALASHNIKOV (Jamie Saft & Mike Pride)

  23. Mike Pride's SCRAMBLER
    (w/ Tony Malaby, Charlie Looker & William Parker)

  24. hang
    Mike Pride's FROM BACTERIA TO BOYS (w/ Darius Jones & Evan Lipson)

  25. PERIOD
    Charlie Looker & Mike Pride

  26. Sleep Cells
    the MPTHREE (Mike Pride Trio w/ Mary Halvorson & Trevor Dunn)

  27. The Ensemble Is An Electronic Device
    Mike Pride's Scene Fucker #5 (w/ Jessica Pavone, Aaron Ali Shaikh, Gerald Menke, Brian Moran)

  28. NY Tapes

  29. Doin' It All For My Baby
    EVIL EYE (Jonathan Moritz, Nate Wooley, Ken Filiano & Mike Pride)

  30. Evil Eye
    EVIL EYE (Jonathan Moritz, Nate Wooley, Ken Filiano & Mike Pride)

  31. Dealbreaker
    Aaron Ali Shaikh, James Ilgenfritz & Mike Pride

  32. Beards & Calves (double album)
    BUNDA LOVE (Mike Pride & id m theft able)

  33. Strange Mane
    BUNDA LOVE QUARTET (Mike Pride, id m theft able, Blanca Martin & Don Pride)

  34. It's Deeper Than Most People Actually Think....
    Dynamite Club

  35. Santa's Sac - a Ned Muffleburger Christmas
    Ned Muffleburger


Mike Pride Chester, New York

Mike Pride currently composes for & leads the ensembles From Bacteria To Boys, I Hate Work & DRUMMER's CORPSE. Pride is renowned worldwide for his ability to excel in a wide range of genres & ensembles. He has worked w/ everyone from Anthony Braxton to punk legends Millions Of Dead Cops, toured worldwide opening for comedian Amy Schumer w/ Locksmith Isidore & appears on more than 100 recordings. ... more

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